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Here at, we are committed to providing plain and simple sandwich recipes, fillings and ideas for the family. are committed to providing the largest range of traditionally handmade sandwich recipes on the web. Browse our web site for a range of basic to adventurous sandwich recipes, fillings and ideas you may never have seen before. We are dedicated to providing sandwich lovers all over the world the widest range of sandwiches from from British tea sandwiches to world renowned American sandwiches from a full range of sliced bread.

In addition to sandwich recipes, we provide a range of specialty bread recipes including the old favourite bagel fillings, French baguettes, ciabatta, subs, burgers and wrap recipes, fillings and ideas. These additional wheat treats can go with your favourite sandwich fillings and provide new sandwich ideas for you to explore. Apart from the favourite cold sandwiches, you'll be interested to browse hot sandwich recipes with freshly cooked handmade sandwiches.

Photo of a healthy sandwich with a cucumber and butter filling
Healthy Sandwiches

Enjoy sandwiches everyday with a selection of low fat, low calorie healthy sandwich recipes with light choice alternatives, including light mayo, plenty of vegetables with wholemeal or multi-grain bread.
Photo of a egg sandwiches with an egg mayonnaise filling in a wholemeail bread
Egg Sandwiches

You can do just about anything with an egg in a sandwich and we haven't held back here. You'll find boiled, fried, scrambled and chopped eggs. Just a single egg will go a long way in a sandwich.
Photo of a cheese sandwich with sliced cheese, ham, lettuce, tomato in a white bread
Cheese Sandwiches

Find cheese sandwich recipes filled with your favourite cheese or add more than one. Browse cheese sandwich ideas with every ones favourite, Cheddar. We also include more cheese varieties.
Photo of a salad sandwich including a ham salad filling
Salad Sandwiches

Browse a full range of salad sandwiches with healthy vegetables with a choice of egg, ham and cheese salad sandwich recipes. Salad sandwiches are filled with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber with mayo.
Photo of a meat sandwich with a crispy bacon sandwich filling
Meat Sandwiches

Probably the all time favourite sandwich filling choice. Browse meat sandwich fillings ranging from bacon, chicken, turkey and beef used on their own or use a mix of meats together to produce something new.
Photo of a kids sandwich with peanut butter and jelly filling
Kids Sandwiches

Treat them with a choice of fun sandwich recipes, keeping them interested every time. We provide kids sandwich ideas for school or as a lunch time snack with sweet and healthy sandwich fillings as an option.
Specialty Breads

Apart from the old favourite traditional sandwich, we have so much more. Browse bagels, panini, wraps, ciabattas, burgers, hotdogs, baquettes, subs and toast to name a few other bread treats available to browse.
Photo of a vegetatian sandwich with salad filling
Veggie Sandwiches

We haven't forgotten you vegetarians, and with that we have provided you a full range of vegetarian sandwich recipes with absolutely no-meat in the filling. Just look out for the V symbol for your approval.
Photo of a seafood sandwich with a prawn mayonnaise filling
Seafood Sandwiches

Explore the depths of the ocean with a full range of fish and seafood sandwich recipes. We feature sandwiches filled with tuna, salmon and prawns mixed with mayo on a bread of your choice.
Sandwich Spread
Sandwich Spreads
Sandwich spreads are perfect for kids lunch boxes or parties. Sandwich spreads consist of a spreadable filling with a type of sauce combining the spread, with mayo being a good example of a sandwich spread.
Hot & Cold Sandwiches
Hot & Cold Sandwiches
Find hundreds of delicious cold sandwich recipes with ingredients straight of of the fridge. Furthermore we have a full choice of cooked hot sandwiches for you with hot and warm fillings.
Sandwich Ingredients
Sandwich by Ingredients

We hope to give our users a the best browsing experience possible, that's why we've broken down our sandwich recipes by ingredients to save you time and effort when browsing this site.
Tea Sandwiches
Tea Sandwiches

Traditional English tea sandwiches make light snacks for brunch or afternoon tea with friends. We have a selection of English tea sandwiches made with traditional sandwich recipes and a few extras.
Curry Sandwiches
Curry Sandwiches

Try a taste of Asia with a choice of curry sandwich recipes inspired by the pioneers in curry. We feature Chinese curry sandwiches to the ever popular chicken Tikka Masala made with fine sandwich ingredients.
Sandwiches by Country
Sandwiches by Country

Explore the world's most delicious sandwiches by the origin which they were first invented. We feature world renowned European sandwiches to Asia and North American sandwich recipes.
Sandwich Articles
Sandwich Articles

We like to keep visitors to All informed of the latest goings on in the world of sandwiches with fun and informative articles involving around sandwiches and similar articles from us or from the world media.
Open Sandwiches
Open Sandwiches

An open sandwich is simply a single piece of bread with a choice of toppings sitting on top. Open sandwich or open face/faced sandwich as its also known traditionally consists of a thick crusty bread or lightly toasted.
Club Sandwiches
Club Sandwiches

Fill your belly up with one big sandwich made up of 3 pieces of bread, white or wholemeal or a mix of two with a choice of fillings on each half. Club sandwiches can be toasted and made popular by the big fillings.

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